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Monday, October 6, 2014

Great Escape Kapers

Is this the world's biggest Kaper Chart?
At Great Escape our motto is gracious living in the out of doors, but gracious living doesn't just happen!  The committee and the kitchen crew needs help from attendees. We try to find everyone a job that they can do - helping at meals, cleaning up on Sunday and even assisting our council by disassembling and storing mattresses and cots from the tent units that are 'mothballed' until spring.  With everyone's help, all the floors are swept, the wash houses and bathrooms cleaned, the benches and tables in the dining halls stacked, and all is made ready for the next group to use our camp!

And speaking of gracious living, thanks to our camp concierge, Danielle, for her administration of the Kaper chart, tending the coffee/tea/cocoa/water bar and all the other little jobs she does to make GE a great experience.
It's a tough job, but quality control is important!
Did you know that the Hospitality team is expanding in the spring, BTW?  Best wishes to Danielle and Nick and the little stranger!

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