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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Importance of the Outdoors and Camps

One of the main goals of the Great Escape is to support our Girl Scout Camps.  When adults come to GE at Camp Wabasso, they are more likely to bring their troops to camp there.  And of course, Great Escape has donated lots of dough and lots of time to camp improvements at Wabasso and beyond.

Camps and camping are an important part of the Girl Scout experience - this report from GSUSA's Girl Scout Research Institute details exactly how important.  You can help by taking this survey!

And by the way, GSEM runs a program called Teen Escape that reminded me a lot of GE!  Here's some happy campers from this last weekend.
Blowing tissue paper fishies across the floor in "Minute To Win It"


  1. We are super lucky! GSEM does a great job creating outdoor program opportunities for girls of all levels and experience. They also support troops using vendors and trying new opportunities. They really do believe that the outdoors is an important part of Girl Scouts. And hooray for GSUSA committing to four new outdoor badges in the next year!

  2. Yes, we are lucky - and let's remember to take advantage of our 11 camps and all the wonderful activities that GSEM provides!