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Sunday, October 12, 2014


As you know, at the end of camp it's tradition to retire the flag and sing "Taps."  Here's a virtual "Taps" for Great Escape 2014.  

Here's a nice photo from Jen from Sunday morning - the fog was just burning off as she walked to the dining hall for breakfast. 

Sunday morning breakfast was amazing, wasn't it?

 Milk, juice, coffee, tea, cocoa, bagels, pastry, oatmeal, french toast and sausage.  Don't you wish someone would cook for you every Sunday?  Our GE cooks got up early that day and this cooks'  parade proves it!
 Most of the photos posted in the last two weeks were taken by our roving photographer, Louise.  Thanks for your good work!  Isn't this one lovely? 
Until the next friendship circle, Goodbye Girl Scouts!
Hasta la vista!

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